These family lines share this DNA sequence: Last update 9/17/2018
kit number 175959 father name William Clarence Harding William Mark Harding Lewis G Harding Mark Harding William Harding Charles Harding
Judy Flowers b yyyy state   b 1891 Mississippi   b 1857 Mississippi   b ~1812 Virginia   b ~1788 Virginia   b 1738 Virginia   b 1704 Virginia
b yyyy state   d yyyy state   d 1979 Mississippi   d 1912 Mississippi   d 1876 Mississippi   d 1873 Virginia   d 1826 Virginia   d yyyy state
m yyyy state     m yyyy state   m 1913 Mississippi   m ~1891 Mississippi   m ~1837 Mississippi   m by 1811 Virginia   m ~1764 Virginia   m yyyy state
T Graydon Flowers   mother name   Myrtle Mae Bowles   Edythe Josephine Garner   Elizabeth Jane Yancy   Nancy Young   Clarissa (Clarkey) Million   Rachel Lunsford
b yyyy state b yyyy state b 1897 Mississippi b 1867 Mississippi b 1820 North Carolina b yyyy state b 1745 Virginia b yyyy state
d yyyy state d 1970 Mississippi d 1923 Mississippi d 1858 Mississippi d 1820 Virginia d 1826 Virginia d yyyy state
kit number 247046 John Oliver Hardin, Jr. John Oliver Hardin Marcus deLafayette Hardin Mark Hardin Benjamin Hardin
John Oliver Hardin III   b 1905 Texas   b 1874 Kentucky   b 1843 Kentucky   b 1802 Kentucky   b 1753 Virginia
b 1929 Kentucky   d 1979 Kentucky     d 1905 Texas   d 1899 Arkansas   d 1877 Kentucky   d 1832 Kentucky
m 1950 Kentucky     m 1928 Kentucky   m 1895 Arkansas   m 1863 Kentucky   m 1822 Kentucky   m 1785  Virginia
Emma Lou Patrick   Johnnie Liane Lamb   Neva Louisa Bonner   Mary Jane Neale   Lucinda Douthitt   Nancy Ann Routt
b 1929 Kentucky b 1907 Kentucky b 1878 South Carolina b 1839 Kentucky b 1805 Kentucky b 1765 Virginia
d Kentucky d 1997 Kentucky d 1952 Kentucky d 1918 Arkansas d 1874 Kentucky d 1815 Kentucky
kit number N83932 John Bennett Harding Charles Harding William Harding
Joe Richard Harding   b 1761 state   b yyyy state   b ~ 1680 Wiltshire England
b yyyy state     d 1847 state   d yyyy state   d yyyy state
m yyyy state       m yyyy state   m yyyy state   m yyyy state
kit number 753557 Benjamin Hardin
Jeffrey Hardin   b 1753 state
b yyyy state     d 1834 state
m yyyy state       m yyyy state
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